Why Choose DMS

  • Loving and experienced teachers
  • Intentional, supportive community environment
  • Emphasis on collaborative relationship-building, independence, and academic growth
  • Small class sizes 
  • Enriching field trip and excursion opportunities
  • Unique location in historic multi-use community building in downtown Durango

At Durango Montessori School, we teach the whole student. We honor your child as a whole person, with their physical, social, emotional, and academic selves in mind. 

Our school is community-centered and caring: through all-school community meetings, birthday celebrations, peace awards and much more, encouraging and modeling respect and caring for each other and our environment is central to everything we do. Your child will recall making Friendship Fruit Salad alongside their classmates, holding special birthday celebrations with a symbolic Montessori tradition, crafting unique science fair and Peace Day projects each year,  and sharing in many longstanding school traditions that set Durango Montessori apart. 

The Montessori classroom is full of precisely engineered materials designed to teach concepts in a cohesive, concrete manner. Children learn to solve problems and think, not to repeat memorized jargon. 

With lead teachers, aids, practicum students, and parent volunteers, your student is supported by a variety of skilled, vetted, supportive guides, and students always can find the support, input and inspiration they need.

Montessori techniques help children acquire knowledge by engaging the child’s inherent desire to learn. They foster curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, creating engaged learners and inquisitive minds. We also allow ample outdoor lunch and recess time, and spend lots of time in the Smiley Building’s large, grassy play yard, aligning with our core value of play and outdoor time being critical to children’s development.

Students are given time in which they choose their own work, while still being responsible for completing specific tasks on time. The Montessori method allows students to work on a skill until they have mastered it. Middle school teachers tell us that our 5th graders come to middle school fully prepared, eager learners, and often ahead of other students.

We partner with the 9R Shared School program and local professionals to provide art, music, P.E., movement, peace works, social/emotional learning and cultural studies. We also offer varying field trips and excursions each year, including Nordic skiing, nature studies at Colvig Silver Camps, and the Powerhouse Science Center.