Montessori Education

Durango Montessori is a special place for many reasons, not the least of which is the philosophy behind our school, thanks to Maria Montessori. When families come to tour our school they often ask me to explain what makes our school special; gladly, I can provide a long list of specifics. First off, we start with our prepared Montessori environment. We take pride in providing a calm, organized, and attractive environment that gives children the opportunity to make personal choices about the work that they do to practice academic skills. Additionally, children build independence and strong organizational skills by learning to take responsibility for their learning. This is the foundation for our classrooms and the details that follow include inspiring Montessori lessons and projects that entice and excite children to be lifelong learners, motivated to explore their world. Children are often encouraged to learn about their world outside of the confines of the four walls of the classroom. Field trips into our community to learn through hands-on experience are frequently integrated into topics studied.

Did you know that research shows that Montessori children benefit from their education by being well prepared for later in their life on several levels including socially, emotionally, and academically? Montessori children score well on standardized tests and rank above average in life skills including:  following directions, asking interesting questions, turning in their work on time, being responsible, being enthusiastic learners, and being adaptable in new situations.

To learn more about the Montessori philosophy, the benefits of Montessori education, and Montessori methodology, check out these articles and websites:



This past Monday the upper elementary boys and girls both engaged in relationship building skills with one another during ‘retreat time’ at school. Here is an description of what one of the groups experienced:

We had delicious snacks and punch to supplement our picnic lunch, thanks to one of our parents.  During lunch, we talked about qualities we admire in people who are special in our lives — a beautiful, big list including qualities such as kindness, understanding, friendship and love, forgiveness, strength and determination, and the ability to bring people together.

Then we played some fun and lively games about leading and following, being in groups and being alone, connecting and relating, and being aware of others.

As you will see from our photos, even the grown ups had some time to connect, laugh, and have fun with each other!