Holiday Arts & Crafts

Today one of our wonderful parent volunteers came into the classroom to guide children through the process of making felted holiday ornaments. The children loved this experience and they were particularly enthused to know that they are making a contribution to our upcoming holiday bazaar, where they will be selling these beautiful ornaments (see pictures of the ornaments below). Would you like to try this at home? Here are the steps:

1. Using a strip of roving wool, spread the fibers thin over the palm of your hand, creating a circle of fiber.

2. Pour soapy water over the separated wool and very gently create a ball out of the fiber and soapy water.

3. Roll the fiber in your hands.

4. Using a hot water and a cold water bath, continue to felt the wool, dipping the ball into the hot water, then dipping it into cold water.

5. Your ornament should be solid and firm; if it is too soft the fibers will not adhere to one another, so keep rolling until it holds together firmly (about five minutes).

Or maybe you would rather just come to our bazaar and purchase what the children have made!? We hope you will join us for our annual financial aid fundraiser.