Epi Pen Information

Notice of Stock Epi Pen Program

Beginning 19/20 school year

A  law was passed in the state of Colorado in 2014 that allows schools to have “Stock” EPIPENS.  Please reference our website for the state of Colorado Guidelines if you would like any further information on this.

The purpose of the Stock EPIPENS are to treat individuals with previously unknown allergies.  Did you know that 25% of the severe life-threatening reactions reported in schools have reportedly happened to individuals with no previous diagnosis?

We will have specific staff members trained to recognize life threatening allergic reactions and to administer Stock EPIPENS, if ever required.  Our stock EPIPEN program will be supervised by our contracted Registered Nurse and standing orders will be provided by a supervising physician.  We plan to have all required items in place for our Stock EPIPEN Program by the fall of 2019.

Students with known life threatening allergies are still required to supply their own personal EPIPENS, a Care Plan for Anaphylaxis, an Authorization to Administer Medication form and/or a Self-Carry Contract form, all approved and signed by their physician.

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