Electronics Recycling Event – Nov 8th, 2018

It’s time for some Fall Cleanup!

Announcing an Electronics Recycling event at The Smiley Building on November 8th, 2018 from 8:30am to 3:30pm.
Look for the big trailer on the 3rd Ave side of the Smiley Building at 1309 East 3rd Ave in Durango, CO.
All proceeds from this event will be donated to Durango Montessori School at Smiley. (Suggested minimum donation of $20/load)
Note – this event is not limited to just Smiley People! Tell your friends, neighbors, spouses and significant others!
Partial list of items that you can recycle…
  • computers
  • mobile phones
  • cordless phones
  • old cables
  • dead batteries
  • printers
  • LED monitors
  • NON-CRT Televisions
  • stereos
  • old appliances, like washing machines and dishwashers
  • RC toys
  • fax machines
  • video cameras & flip cams
  • vcr’s
  • electronic testing equipment
  • basically anything with a battery or electronics.
The two items to note: 
  1. REALLY old school televisions and computers monitors – you know, the big, deep wide and thick CRTs with the curved screens – will cost extra. You can still bring them, but the cost will be $30 for <  32”, and $50 for > 32”.
  2. Lightbulbs. No lightbulbs. Like, none.
For questions, email dmsparents@durangomontessori.com), or for technical questions, contact Nathan Morris – 970.623.2230.
Also – read details below about where all this old stuff is going to wind up…

Computer and Electronics Recycling

Our Electronics Recycling partner is a computer and electronics recycling company. You can be rest assured that all electronics sent to and processed will be recycled properly and professionally.

• Certificate of recycling and data destruction will be issued for each load of electronics recycled. It is our guarantee to you that all of your computer related electronic equipment will be recycled properly and the sensitive information on hard drives and other media will be destroyed.
• We offer pick-up services that are specially tailored to our Client’s needs.
• We recycle all types of electronics, lamps, ballasts, batteries, appliances, and other specialized units making it extremely convenient to work with us.
• We have a complete chain of custody with all sensitive information and hard drives to be sure all your sensitive information is always destroyed.
• With our No Landfill Policy, all of your equipment and component parts will be recycled to the fullest measure.
• Along with a number of other advantages.


• Electronics Recycling Process

Our Electronics Recycling partner follows a 3-tier recycling hierarchy for all of the used computer and electronic equipment we receive. When your equipment is brought to our processing facility it is weighed and inventoried. The computer and computer peripheral equipment then goes through the following phases:

1st Phase – Reuse:
       The first phase of the electronics recycling process is to visually inspect each unit and to sort out any units that can be reused or refurbished. All data stored on equipment to be reused will be sanitized in accordance with NIST 800-88 and the Department of Defense 5220-22-M standards before being reused. Units that are sent for reuse will be tested and/or refurbished and sold to downstream reuse markets.

2nd Phase – Recover:
     The electronic equipment that does not pass visual inspection will be sent to the processing area. The electronic equipment will then be de-manufactured and separated into metals, plastics, and glass. The individual components that are re-marketable will be harvested and sent for reuse.

3rd Phase – Recycle:
      After de-manufacturing the electronics, all of the components and materials that remain will be processed and sent back into the recycling stream to be used in making new products.

Let’s clean out those homes and offices and home-offices and help out a great cause while we’re doing it!
Thank You!