Durango Connects

This morning the children and staff of Durango Montessori attended the Durango Connect’s event with thousands of other Durangotangs. Besides making a human chain by linking hands together with other community members, our children also heard about the award that Durango Parks and Rec recently received. Did you know that Durango  Parks and Recreation has received the National Recreation and Park Association Gold Medal Award for its contributions to healthy lifestyles, community development, and conservation of natural lands? This is a nationally recognized award, and Durango is the only town under 25,000 that received the 2012 honor.

Jack Turner, coordinator and founder of Durango Connect, invited two Durango Montessori fourth year students to the say the Pledge of Allegiance  at the opening ceremony today, and the girls proudly (with a few giggles) led the crowd in the recitation.