Student testimonials:

“When I went to Durango Montessori, I was really privileged to have teachers that knew me well so they could help me in the best way. The school is like no other in that the learning experience is extraordinary.”

“I loved this school so much. It built a great structure in my childhood and also prepared me well for middle school. This school is very open to helping the kids move to different levels, no matter what grade they are in. The teachers there are so friendly and helpful. This school has a great way of teaching. The teachers definitely teach in a way the kids can easily understand. I know most of the kids that come from Durango Montessori do well at other schools. This school helps the kids not only with academics but with social skills. We had a peace-works class which we learned lessons about bullying and I think that this class helped everyone become a better person. The kindest, smartest, and most caring people I know, come from Durango Montessori. The best memories that I have are at Durango Montessori.”

“I love Durango Montessori. I love them because they make time for me, and they make me feel special every day.” 

“Durango Montessori a school where I found great student-teacher relationships, an amazing supportive community, and an academic structure that sets up young people for middle school like no other. I have had an unceasingly positive experience with the toolset that Durango Montessori left me with as I went to middle school. When I left Durango Montessori I found that many individuals that I met in that first year of middle school had not been set up with the far surpassing work ethic and problem-solving base that Durango Montessori gave me.”


Family testimonials:

“Out of all our family’s educational experiences in Durango, Durango Montessori was the most rich educational experience of all for our son. I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It is a very special school.”

“This school is the right fit for our family. It focuses on our boys, what they need, when they need it.  The individual attention is what makes this school unique. We appreciate and love the limited technology and the focus on the child.”

“We enjoy the atmosphere, the small classes, the intimate learning style and all the great specials like Spanish, music, etc. We really appreciate the loving atmosphere you create there.”

“DMS has been a fixture in our family’s life for the past seven years, and we are very grateful for it!  DMS has given us an academic community that is unique; providing the ability to focus on each child’s individual strengths and challenges.  DMS encourages students to reach and strive beyond their individual potential.  Our oldest daughter has excelled in middle school, demonstrating her foundations built at DMS to focus, problem solve, work with others, and make conscientious choices.  I’m confident that both of our girls will benefit from their time at Durango Montessori throughout their lives.”

“Our family could not be more grateful that both of our daughters were able to attend DMS for all of their elementary school years. DMS truly gave them both a “love of learning” that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. They are both exceptional students and have been very well prepared for middle school and high school as a result of the strong foundations they both received at DMS.”