Core Montessori Components

At Durango Montessori School, we offer a well-rounded curriculum in the spirit of Montessori education and utilize a wealth of Montessori materials and tools. Furthermore, we incorporate additional learning tools and strategies for comprehensive, engaging education, for best practices in mathematics and Daily Language Instruction (DLI). As we prepare our children for an ever-changing, evolving world, we find teaching inspiration and ideas through the adoption of new philosophies along with Montessori methods, which were not meant to be static. We also offer a robust program of “specials” education, including Spanish instruction, physical education, peace works, and music.


The American Montessori Society recognizes 5 components as critical to high-fidelity implementation of the Montessori Method:

  1. Montessori-trained teachers
  2. The multi-age classroom
  3. Using Montessori materials, specially-designed for a hands-on approach to learning
  4. Child-directed work: students are given the agency to self-select work, leading to intrinsic motivation and sustained attention.
  5. Uninterrupted work periods that enable students to focus deeply and work at their own pace

You can read more about the components of a Montessori education at the American Montessori Society.