2019 Upper El Supply List

Dear Students and Families:

This year each student will use a small bin to hold personal items such as colored markers, pencils, work folders, and work plan sleeves. We are no longer using a binder for work plans. We will, however, use a 3-ring binder for math work.  Thank you in advance for providing your child and the classroom the supplies needed to have a productive and successful school year. See below:

  • One 1.5 inch to 2 inch (no larger), 3-ring binder 
  • colored markers
  • colored pencils
  • one bag to hold markers and colored pencils
  • one bag to hold all of the pencils you love to hoard 
  • 6 or more (!) glue sticks (you will be using these often this year)
  • one book to read, OR one that includes puzzles like suduko, crosswords, logic games for your personal use (labeled with your name)
  • 3 three-prong folders with pockets (the kind that have the bendy tabs)
  • 2 pocket folders with or without prongs
  • one box of facial tissue for your noses
  • Toilet paper (at least 6 rolls)
  • water bottle labeled with name
  • one bottle of hand sanitizer

This next group of items is things for the classroom and playground that we will all share. You only need to choose one item to supply even though you may find that several of the questions apply to you.

Some of the items require pairs (see below) and you may provide playground items that are gently used.  Use your best judgment we need equipment to last and not end up in a landfill quickly. If you find that you really want to supply more than one item, we will allow you to do so .

Here are the questions:  (there are 8 questions)

If you are a person who likes cherry pie better than apple pie please provide:

A bucket of some variety

If you are a person who traveled to a beach or lake this summer please provide:

Hand or body lotion for our dry hands

If you are a person who hiked up a mountain this summer please provide: 

Playground ball of some type – bouncy, soccer, football, whiffle, racquet ball…

If you are a person who is really good at a video game please provide:

Liquid hand soap

If you are a person who is really good at a sport please provide:

Paddles (pair), racquets (pair), plastic baseball bat, hockey stick… of some variety

If you are a person who likes to discuss things at the dinner table please provide:

Jump rope

If you are a person who takes a long time to wake up in the morning please provide:

Dry erase markers

If you are a person who likes cats more than dogs please provide:

A package of pencils