Giving the Future Wings

Durango Montessori School

Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grades 1-5 Primary Education in Durango, CO

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Durango Montessori heads for the woods!

Beginning Fall of 2020, DMS is excited to announce a partnership with Colvig Silver Camps to offer nature studies and outdoor activities for our Lower and Upper Elementary students on Fridays of the upcoming school year!

What People Are Saying

"When I went to Durango Montessori, I was really privileged to have teachers that knew me well so they could help me in the best way. The school is like no other in that the learning experience is extraordinary."
Student "M"
"Durango Montessori a school where I found great student-teacher relationships, an amazing supportive community, and an academic structure that sets up young people for middle school like no other. I have had an unceasingly positive experience with the toolset that Durango Montessori left me with as I went to middle school. When I left Durango Montessori I found that many individuals that I met in that first year of middle school had not been set up with the far surpassing work ethic and problem-solving base that Durango Montessori gave me."
Student "G"
"Our family could not be more grateful that both of our daughters were able to attend DMS for all of their elementary school years. DMS truly gave them both a “love of learning” that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. They are both exceptional students and have been very well prepared for middle school and high school as a result of the strong foundations they both received at DMS."
The Hening Family